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The Law Offices of Robert Bratberg
Robert Bratberg, Attorney at Law has been a California attorney since 1981 and has been providing criminal defense, DUI or any offense.
Address : 1014 Hopper (PMB 230), Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone : (707) 293-6298

Jon W Woolsey, Esq.
The Law Office of Jon W. Woolsey specializes in California DUI defense and DMV license suspension and revocation hearings, eminently practicing throughout the court systems of Sonoma, Napa and Marin County, as well as San Francisco, Lake, Yolo & Mendocinco Counties.
Address : 16 Hop Ranch Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Phone : (707) 570-0770

Steve H. Spiegelman
Offering services in different aspects and areas of cases that involve a violation of constitutional rights, like DUI Defense Attorney, Marijuana Possession Attorney, Criminal Defense Attorney, and Drug Possession Attorney.
Address : 703 2nd St #401, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone : (707) 575-1103

Lamar Peckham
I provide people with sound legal advice and skilled representation in immigration court, and defend my clients in California's criminal courts from a broad range of charges stemming from DUI, Drug crimes, Sex crimes, Theft and burglary, Assault, Violent crimes and Domestic violence .
Address : 555 Sebastopol Road, Suite C, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Phone : (707) 623-1153

Law Office of Peter A. Duarte
An experienced criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a state prison sentence, probation or your charges being dismissed. I will utilize all my efforts to obtain the most desirable outcome in your case.
Address : 1400 N. Dutton Ave., Suite 21, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone : (707) 541-7100

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LegalMatch is a free and confidential online legal matching service that allows you to quickly and confidently find the right lawyer for your legal needs. LegalMatch's 3-step process is simple: Present your case, be matched with the right Santa Rosa DUI lawyers, and select the lawyer you feel can best represent you. All lawyers on LegalMatch are pre-screened to ensure that they are licensed and in good standing with their representative state bar association.
Address : S395 Oyster Point Blvd. Suite 550, South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone : (866) 686-5342

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If you're facing a legal issue, you can depend to quickly find the right lawyer for you. When you present your legal matter, qualified Santa Rosa attorneys practicing in your area will respond with a detailed offer for handling your case.
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