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Pollack & Ball LLC
We represent persons who have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), and all misdemeanor and felony charges including juvenile court cases, possession of controlled substance, drug trafficking, white collar crimes, assault and/or battery, and all other criminal charges in State and Federal Courts.
Address : 1003 H Street, Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone : (402) 476-7474

James Hoppe
For years our firm has provided its clients with steadfast support that those facing criminal charges need and expect. Service to the client has always been, and will continue to be, the hallmark of our firm.
Address : 140 North 8th Street, Suite #250, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Phone : (402) 575-9582

Berry Law Firm
At the Berry Law Firm, our experienced attorneys have provided aggressive and skillful courtroom representation for more than 40 years. We handle cases ranging from DUI to homicide and we practice in both state and federal courts.
Address : 2650 North 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68504
Phone : (402) 466-8444

Law Office of Thomas T. Inkelaar
We have an excellent record of winning and/or setting aside "automatic" driver's license suspensions. We are also very successful at defending these cases and negotiating minimal sentences, which often include house arrest instead of extended jail sentences.
Address : Pioneers Pointe Plaza, Hwy 2 & Pioneers Blvd., 3820 Vermaas Place, Lincoln, NE 68502
Phone : (402) 488-2251

Timothy P. Sullivan
We focus on Adoption, Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, D.U.I., D.U.S., Traffic, Immigration, Wills. We pride ourselves on our service. You are our priority and we treat each client with professionalism and courtesy.
Address : 1517 North Cotner Boulevard, Lincoln, NE 68505
Phone : (402) 742-9170

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Searching for the right lawyer can be challenging. LegalMatch is an online service that matches you with the right lawyer for your legal needs, only pairing you with Lincoln DUI lawyers that meet your specifications in terms of practice areas and geographical location. All LegalMatch lawyers have been pre-screened to ensure that they are licensed, have good professional references, and are in good standing with their state bar association. You will be given access to information on each lawyer who responds to your case to further help you make the right decision.
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