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Veralrud & Fowler
The best attorneys in Oregon for criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. We can handle a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges, including: DUI or DUII or DWI (Drunk Driving), Measure 11 Defenses, Shoplifting / Theft, Sex Offenses, DUII / Breath Test / Diversion and more.
Address : 975 Oak Street, Suite 625 Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 345-3333

Arnold Law Office, LLC
Our mission is to provide a full range of prompt and professional legal services at a fair price while operating a profitable business entity. Practice areas: Personal injury; wrongful death; criminal defense; DUII, DUI, DWI; domestic relations, Juvenile/DHS, civil litigation and representative cases.
Address : 401 East Tenth Avenue, Suite 400 Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 338-9111

John Halpern Jr.
I have been practicing law in Eugene, Oregon since 1975 and have defended thousands of legal cases ranging from death penalty murder prosecutions, rape and robbery to drug offenses, domestic assault, drunk driving and shoplifting. I have tried a large number of cases with numerous Not Guilty verdicts.
Address : 130 South Park, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 484-4995

Duvall Law Office, P.C.
The Duvall Law Office has experience handling a wide range of criminal matters including DUI/DWI/DUII, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, child sexual assault, drug offenses, Measure 11 offenses, and driving offenses.
Address : 856 Olive Street, Suite 101 Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 393-8154

The Law Office of Max J. Mizejewski
The Law Office of Max J Mizejewskiwas founded to provide clients with quality representation in criminal defense and family law, including matters such as DUI offenses, drug crimes, divorce, and child custody. Mr. Mizejewski understands that effectively working through the legal system is a challenging process.
Address : 800 Willamette St, Suite 700 Eugene, OR 97401
Phone : (541) 505-9872