Top Boulder DUI Attorneys

Boulder DUI Attorney
At The Moorhead Law Group, we know the impact a DUI or DWAI conviction can have on your life and we know how to fight it. We have more than 25 years of experience in the Colorado legal system and both of our attorneys are former prosecutors. We have helped thousands of drivers deal with DUI charges and keep their driving privileges.
Address : 1650 38th Street Suite 203E, Boulder, CO 80301
Phone : (303) 447-1400

Lancaster Law Office, LLC
If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, taking immediate action and contacting a Boulder DUI lawyer from the Lancaster Law Office can mean the difference between a conviction and a case dismissal. We prepare all of our cases as if they are going to trial and our meticulous preparation for the defense can lead to identifying serious flaws in the case against you.
Address : 1942 Broadway St., Boulder, CO 80302
Phone : (303) 569-8410

Steven Louth Law Offices
Boulder criminal defense attorney Steven Louth is a former Deputy District Attorney for Boulder County. His law practice is exclusively focused on criminal defense. Mr. Louth is an experienced lawyer who truly believes that people charged with crimes in Colorado deserve a legitimate defense.
Address : 507 Canyon Blvd, Ste. 105, Boulder, CO 80302
Phone : (303) 442-2297

Barre M. Sakol, P.C.
A knowledgeable and experienced DUI defense lawyer can assist you in evaluating your situation and to eliminate and/or minimize the impact of the case. Barre is a seasoned Colorado DUI/DWAI defense attorney who knows the DUI arrest process, your legal rights, how to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the appropriate legal action to take in defending your traffic case.
Address : 255 Canyon Blvd. Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80302
Phone : (303) 449-1873