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The Spriggs Law Offices
The Spriggs Law Offices provide trial practice in all courts appellate practice in state and dfederal courts. Services: Commercial litigation, personal injury, family law, immigration, and criminal.
Address : 115 East Travis Street, Suite 425, San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone : (806) 376-7260

Herrmann & Weaver
Attorney Walt Weaver brings a unique perspective to DWI defense. He trained law enforcement officials regarding the DWI requirements and served as a forensic toxicologist in New Mexico. He understands the equipment used in DWI/DUI cases and what the prosecution must show to convict someone.
Address : 320 S. Polk Street, Suite 902 Amarillo, TX 79101
Phone : (806) 553-1912

Law Office of Vaavia Edwards
Whether you face drunk driving charges or have been stopped for drugs on I-40, I offer the criminal defense guidance you need to clearly state your case or negotiate a favorable plea to limit the harm done to your future.
Address : 301 South Polk, Suite 620 Amarillo, TX 79101
Phone : (806) 371-9333

James Clark Lawyer
At the law offices of James Clark Lawyer, we are dedicated to serving your legal needs. Whether your legal matter is related to family law, criminal defense, or another concern, we have the expertise and resources to provide the highest quality legal services in a cost-effective manner.
Address : 1800 South Washington Street, Amarillo, TX 79102
Phone : (806) 373-5694

A. Castillo Law Office
At A. Castillo Law Office, I aggressively defend my clients to ensure that their rights are protected at every stage of the criminal process. I have more than ten years of legal experience and am capable of handling a range of criminal matters.
Address : 801 S. Fillmore, Suite 405 Amarillo, TX 79101
Phone : (806) 626-9450

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